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About me and Tung shape

Tung Shape Lighting & Furniture is designed and produced in Gnesta, Sweden by Steven Albert Bush. The lamps are made of concrete, the lights are 12 volt LED’s with a color temperature of 3400° K.

The motivation behind the design is about taking an ancient materiel which is so common in our everyday lives and using it in new, innovative ways. LED lighting has evolved dramatically over the last years. Lifetime optimal performance with high quality LED’s is now approximately 50,000 hrs. The lamps are cast in the concrete and become a permanent element of the design. Using electronic dimmers and stainless steel switches which are also waterproof adds to a mix of elements which helps create a unique piece. Ip65 rated lamps, transformers and switches allows for products which are safe for use outside. Pigment gives the option to add colors along with the sand and stones. Polishing can make the concrete feel as smooth as marble.

The designs are continuously evolving. Each product is a unique, hand made piece. Consideration must be given to this type of production scale and the inherent characteristics of such production methods. What some consider an imperfection is to another a unique characteristic.

Designs can be customized with color(s). For placing and order please send an email with the details.

CE compliance
All designs are made using high quality components purchased locally in Sweden. These “off the shelf” lights, switches & transformers all bear the CE mark and comply with CE certification.
Each item has been planned to be as efficient, safe and reliable as possible within normal circumstances. All elements which are part of the Outdoor range of lights are rated at IP65 or above.
NOTE: Lamps designed for outdoor use are not immersible in water. They are not for use in fountains or fish ponds. Lamps may stand in the rain, but should never be left on in pooling water with a depth of more than a few millimeters.

Care / Safety & Disclaimer All normal / approved safety considerations for using electrical elements in wet and dry environments should be observed. The customer is responsible for placement and usage of the unit after purchase. Certain lamps are constructed with dimmers and are not approved for outdoor use. Refer to the documentation for each lamp to determine the proper environment for use.
Tung Shape is not responsible for any injury or damages which occur due to improper or unapproved use of these products.
Lamps used outdoors can crack if they are extremely wet and then exposed to below freezing temperatures. As with any stone or concrete products, water absorbed inside the material expands upon freezing and may possibly result in cracks. Concrete left outside year round should be treated with a sealer.

Terms of Sales
Payment is through PayPal or Bank Transfer.

If the LED lights fail the unit will be replaced. Switches and transformers can be purchased for replacement if these elements fail.

Please note that Non EU customers should subtract 25% off the cost. (no VAT) Prices listed are inclusive of VAT. EU countries pay Swedish VAT.

Schenker, UPS, DHL.

Production times
On average 2 weeks. Larger items will require a lead time to produce and cure – approximately 30-45 days.

Returns & Refunds
Items can be returned up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Items must be in the same condition as when purchased. The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs.

Tung Shape is produced under the Parent Company of Bush Production HB, located in Gnesta, Sweden.
Tax – organization number: 969663-4923.
Local Address:
Västra Storgatan 53
646 35 Gnesta, Sweden
Tel +46 (0)79 715 5478.

Get your own custom Tung Shape

Get your own custom handmade lightning and/or furniture, shipping all over the world.